Deeply dedicated to education, the Wisconsin Brass Quintet offers a wide variety of activities to engage students of all ages. Any of these activities may be combined with a performance engagement to enhance WBQ's involvement and education in communities throughout Wisconsin. Please talk with Mikko Utevsky, Engagement and Outreach Coordinator at the UW-Madison Mead Witter School of Music, to discuss options, availability, and pricing. 


Lecture Concert

Performance of pieces from the Wisconsin Brass Quintet's repertoire with in-depth discussion of the music and the ensemble's unique approach to performance. Questions to and from the audience will be addressed through the session. 


Master Classes

Members of the Wisconsin Brass Quintet will listen to solo or ensemble performances and offer comments and suggestions. Groups of any instrumentation playing music from any time period are welcome. These coachings may be private or in front of an audience. 


Collaborative performances

The WBQ will rehearse side-by-side with students of any level to prepare work(s) to be performed in concert. The WBQ may act as soloists or ensemble members, depending on repertoire.